SWISS SONIC is a development and manufacturing company for state of the art ultrasonic components applied in standard machines as well as customized machinery.

The applications of our products are welding, riveting, beading and calking of thermoplastic materials as well as cutting, welding and gluing of fabrics and non-woven materials.

Our range of ultrasonic welding equipment, sonotrodes as converter and booster is broad and constantly expandable.


ultrasonic technology
Seemoosholzstrasse 14
CH-9320 Arbon

Resistronic Ltd. is a recognized manufacturer of resistance wedling units and welding equipment for spot-wedling of fine and ultra fine metallic since 1963.


Resistronic Ltd offers a wide range of high quality solutions in the sector. These comprise welding units, welding heads and devices, welding quality monitoring equipment, accessories as well as an assortment of subject-based services.




resistronic AG

Schiffmuhlestrasse 34A

CH-5417 Untersiggenthal, Switzerland


For over 60 years, Leister has been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot-air applications.


Leister's innovative laser welding solutions provide alternative production processes in automotive, medical, sensor, electronics and textile manufactring as well as microsystems technology. The lasersystems can also be used in the field of process heat.




Leister Technologies AG

Galileo Strasse 10

CH-6056 Kaegiswil, Switzerland

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