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Laser Welding Of Plastics


The laser technology allows the welding process to be carried out very cleanly and precisely. The energy input to melt the plastic takes place only locally, without heating or influencing adjacent regions. Since the components are only pressed against each other during the welding process and not moved, neither particles nor smoke are produced. Sensitive components such as electronic components are not exposed to mechanical vibrations.​

Since laser plastic welding only melts a thin layer of material, this process requires little energy. In contrast to gluing, no additional material is required that can release solvents. This makes laser technology for plastic welding not only precise, but also environmentally friendly and green.​

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Plastic welding expertise

Expert in ultrasonic welding and laser plastic welding. Authorized agent represent technology provider for Swiss Sonic (ultrasonic welding) and Probylas (laser welding)

Ultrasonic Tooling

Specialized in fabrication and tuning horn (sonotrode), composite horn made of special high-strength material like aluminium space grade, titanium-alloys, steel and etc. Fabrication of ultrasonic tooling such as nest and mask (for alignment purpose)


Performing specialized product to suit customer requirements. Capability in high precision, complex design & heavy equipment covering all aspects of mechanical, electrical and control system.

Machining & Fabrication

Specialized in fabrication jigs & fixtures based on customer needs. Workshop facilities such as CNC 3-axis Machine, Conventional Milling machine, power tools and etc

Machine Maker

Design and fabricate customize machine based on customer needs. Giving consultation and better ideas in design process. Innovative and effective designs offer flexibility to meet the demands of product development and manufacturing


Automation solution provider provide as single source to plastic industry for engineering, manufacturing and integration of automated and custom process solutions

Test Welding

Provide consultation and test welding in the application laboratory using demos machine in lab for our customers for variety range of plastic products

Installation & Troubleshooting

Provide assembly and troubleshooting for mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and maintenance and also improvement of the machine