SNR is a start-up development and vendor company for plastic welding components ultrasonic and laser applied in standard machines as well as customized machinery. Stand-alone machines but also semi and fully automatic production plants are equipped with SWISS SONIC high quality ultrasonic components.

Ultrasonic Tooling

Produce locally “high-quality” Tooling such as Horn, Nest, Levelling Plate and accessories related to Ultrasonic Welding

Authorized Agent

Represent technology provider from Switzerland to market and maintain their product in Malaysia and SEA region

Consultation & Training

Provide Training related to Plastic Welding on all level of competency:
R&D, Process, Product Optimization, Trouble-Shooting, Repair & Maintenance


Provide Solution for Customized System that suite customer:
Product requirement, including all aspects of mechanical, electrical and control systems

Low Production Build

Support Small Build such as Sample for Proto Build, Testing or NPI.