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Swiss-Sonic Ultraschall AG, is a development and manufacturing company for state of the art ultrasonic components applied in standard machines as well as customized machinery. The Thurgau-based company has been manufacturing ultrasonic components for standard and special machine construction for 20 years Different industries use their products: the car industry, the food production, the packaging industry as well as the medical technology.

Applications :

  1. Welding of thermoplastic parts, reshape, rivet, beading, sealing 
  2. Threaded insert and metal parts to be welded in thermoplastic parts 
  3. To cut synthetic textile, wovens and non wovens as also filter material 
  4. To cut and seal the edge in one process
  5. To cut foods hygienicly

Products (Follow catalogue)
1. Generators
2. Converters & Boosters
3. Sonotrode (Horns)
4. Actuataor / Welding Feed
5. Hand-Held Welding
6. Accessories
7. Press (Standard / Customized)

35kHz Standard Press
20kHz Standard Press


Generators type range:  Anaconda / Viper / Cobra / Boa working frequency 20 und 35 kHz

Compact generators with integrated control for hand-held units, welding presses, standard and customized machines.

State of the art microprocessor controlled ultrasonic technology. Easy operation and high production quality.

20kHz : 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W

35kHz  : 600W / 900W

Generators type range : Python

Built-in generators with interface for main controls for the use in automatic and semi-automatic standard and customized machines, working frequency 20 & 35 kHz.

Converter & Booster


  • Converter CV 2010
  • Converter CV 20 A1
  • Converter CV 3510
  • Converter C 3510-R


  • Booster 20 kHz Alu: 1:1 / 1:1,5
  • Booster 20 kHz Titan: 1:1,5 / 1:2 / 1:2,5 / 1:3
  • Booster 35 kHz Alu: 1:1 / 1:1,5
  • Booster 35 kHz Titan: 1:2 / 1:2,5 / 1:3

Sonotrode (Horns)

Horns for 20 and 35 kHz applications (other frequencies on demand) made of special high-strength materials like aluminium-, titanium-alloys, steel etc. The horn needs particular attention. Optimal welding results are only possible with a correct design and adaption.

Special horns and Welding acceptances

For voluminous formed parts or plastics with a high amplitude demand, composite horns with attached spikes are applied.

Standard circular and rectangular sonotrodes with smooth or the part adapted welding contour.

Composite special sonotrodes for big moldings and complex part geometries.

Actuators / Welding Feed

Welding feed units

  • Compact feed units for 20 und 35kHz applications, for standard and customized machine design.
  • Precision linear guides, pneumatic cylinders and depth stop.
  • Partially with pressure controller, pressure gauge, pneumatic valve and pressure differential trigger for direct activation by generator or external control

Actuator UWA 20-100/35-100 (or any customized length)

  • Rigid high precision 20kHz & 35kHz pneumatic welding actuator for customized machine and production lines.
  • Suitable for small until medium sized welding application. Riveting and cutting application.

Hand-held Welding

Hand welding unit UWG 35-2

Compact ultrasonic hand welding unit Weld, spot weld, rivet, staple thermoplastic and textile materials. For car parts which are difficult to access and industrial assembly site. Economical solution New ergonomic handle for precise welding.

Hand-held cutting unit UCH 35

Compact Ultrasonic hand-held cutting Cutting of fabrics, non-woven materials, foils etc. Ideal for straight and curved cutting.

Hand-held welding unit UWH 35-2

Compact Ultrasonic hand-held welding Welding, spot-welding, riveting, tacking and calking of plastics, thermoplastic coated and thermoplastic fabrics. Applied in studios, car manufacturing, difficult accessible or overhead areas and industrial assembly yards. Cost-efficient Ultrasonic Welding


Film Feeder (Foil Mover) EFM70 / EFM120 / EFM250.

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Interface Trigger box / Trigger print

pressure controller, pressure gauge, speed control and pressure differential trigger.

RF switchbox 

RF signal from an ultrasonic generator can be up to five various ultrasonic transducer systems are switched.

Standard Press / Customized Press

UWP 20-2

UWP 20-235

UWP 20-2 & UWP 35-2
20 kHz & 35kHz Welding press

New improved 2017 model

Suitable for welding, riveting and forming of thermoplastic parts as well as welding, punching and cutting of nonwovens and textile materials.

  • Microprocessor controlled for fast and easy to operate.
  • 99 database places to save all working parameters.
  • Welding modes: Time / Energy / Distance / Force / US Stop
  • Time and Differential pressure Trigger
  • Parts measuring system
  • Distance welding: absolute and differential
  • Dual Amplitude Welding

Ultrasonic Welding Press USP 35 -Tex 01 with generator Boa 35-600 USP

Ultrasonic Welding Press MWP 35-50 Standard

Ultrasonic hand welding press HWP 35-50

Food Cutting System

Automatic/Customized System
Fine & Precision Cut
Avoid Food Damage
Long-Lasting Ultrasonic Titanium Blade
Blade Self Cleaning (optional)